How to use and apply Turtlewax scratch and swirl remover

How to use and apply Turtlewax scratch and swirl remover?

I noticed that are people and some other detailing product carrier stated that they can't really work on scratch and swirl remover, and then they did with those rubbing compound or scratch remover. At the end it those product they used are actually more abrasive than the scratch and swirl remover.
What I need to enhance here is that the scratch and swirl remover by turtlewax is actually used for light scratches. let me put some information here.
No worry that I will follow up with the works i had done so everyone can know how far this item can go.
 -a smaller bottle.

this is the bigger bottle.

let's see what been stated in turtlewax US website:
  • Safe for all finishes
  • Removes minor scratches quickly and easily
  • Removes swirl marks quickly and easily
  • Leave a high gloss, showroom shine
  • Easy to use
How to use?
Wash and dry car. Ensure vehicle surface is cool to the touch. Do not use in direct sunlight. Shake product well. Pour Turtle Wax® Scratch and Swirl Remover onto a damp cloth or foam applicator and apply to problem area. Rub problem area with firm pressure until blemish disappears. Buff lightly with a microfiber or clean cotton cloth. Reapply if necessary.

What about the Amazon customer review?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing stuff November 1, 2012
By Mike Bullock
Amazon Verified Purchase
I use this on a Toyota PU after I scratch it up on narrow,brushy roads. The scratches looked bad, but this stuff magically makes them mostly invisible. Not much effort required, either. I've used it several times, and can't say whether it's removing/damaging the paint, but no sign of that yet. It really looks almost like new without much elbow grease involved. If the primer/metal are showing, it's no help.

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5.0 out of 5 stars works great with rotary buffer on swirl marks November 28, 2011
By moparcar
I was buffing out a dark maroon car and I just could not get all the swirl marks out no matter what I used. Even 3m's ultra fine 3000 was not working and that's about $70 a bottle with the special pad. I happened to be at the auto parts store and saw this and figured can't go wrong for less than $5. But here's the deal, by hand this is a week polish and did not seem to be working well, but when applied by rotary buffer and a 3m 05725 black pad, and polished the results were great. I could not believe it. A couple of passes with the buffer( do not buff dry) then wipe the haze, and you have a great finish. Like I said this is a weak polish it will not take out deep scratches( at least with the 3m black pad. may work better with a wool or foam compound pad)but for swirl marks it gets 5 stars

and etc...

How about the other review?
let's see what it tells?
from the review:
  1. Turtle Wax – Scratch & Swirl Remover

    Reviews about Turtle Wax, say that it is very easy to apply but is so hard to remove. It is not advisable to use this product on large areas to remove scratches. Although it has been receiving grave reviews, and even mention as one of the Top 4 Auto Detailing products posted in National News Today. Turtle wax Ice seems to be the newest detailing product on the market today. Turtle wax Ice works best on surfaces like plastic and rubber. One disadvantage of the brand is detail technicians cannot clean it up well and its effects do not last longer than a week.
    Turtle wax is a brand known around the country. It works great with small scratches on smaller surface areas. It will work best on surfaces like plastic and rubber too. So when planning to use this product for large scratches on larger surface areas, think about the overwhelming clean up you might need to deal with along the way.

With all the products listed above its now time to answer our initial question on, “Do car scratch removers really work?”

What it boils down to is they all can remove very light scratches and imperfections, such as swirl marks, hazing, or oxidation. You must be careful not to make the condition worse. Which brand to use will depend on a few things: your preference, and the size of the surface area which needs treatment. Most of the scratch removing products on the market today can only remove small scratches. As for deep scratches, Quixx Repair System – High Performance Scratch Remover is the only one that can remove deep scratches. But I would like again to stress that it will still depend on the depth of the scratch. If it is too deep to run your nails into it, a professional detailing services will always be the wiser choice.

is this real enough? I curious this what so called the expert said. See my works then.
Real action tell more than what words can say.

 Let's see what is the real scratch I'm trying to tell. Please be noted that I took the picture in different day, so it was at the different place.

 different view to capture the picture of scratches.
 This was took early at the morning. The day i got time to fix it.
 nearer but blur..
 cheap handphone camera can't really capture well...

Very difficult to see ah....

 also diff to view it....need to see carefully.
 ok let's prepare the tool I need here.
A converted driller to polisher. If you have a rotary polisher is more than enough for you. polisher for sale available here.
 using the special designated pad , for sale available here. Make your work even easier.
I pour some content onto the pad.
 here is it look like.
 so simply rub around to spread the content on the area... actually just need a little...i pour too i rub wider. But in actual situation you do not need to. Just I pour too much of content.

this is the closer look.

start to do the work. for me I make afew pass....left to right then right to left again. repeated same action on the area.

 after a few passed..
 then you can rub with microfiber towel.

here you go! removed!

 ok in order for me to take more picture, i repeat the step again and watch here.

spread the content
 with finger probably....

buff and remove with towel. here its removed la!
the scratches!

 more pictures!
 here! don't see wrongly. the reflection of my awning.

here is the helper !

Proved! light scratches removed!light and minor. So that's why I curious about some review with unable to remove light scratches. probably some user might dealing with heavy scratch?
if to remove scratches that is not scratch & swirl remover can do will probably need a more abrasive, then go for rubbing compound, see some captured from youtube from other consumer HERE.
if go for minor scratch that i shown above, this scratch and swirl remover is more than enough to do the job.
But don;t forget!

you need a tool for help to accomplish the task.
let's say with a polisher, read Here.
but if you need to know how i convert my driller to polisher , read HERE.
And if to make this task to be completed even easier! Get the powerful pad i used! Read HERE!

So, who say the scratch remover won't work? Read my post then. I hope you enjoy!