Learn better Car detailing service?

We are different from other detailers! with KALEX Car detailing

1. We need to reiterate again that we are non Mer skill of detailers. We deliver professional result from non Mer product and process. Why we need to reiterate this again?

Scenario 1: On and off we receive several enquires from Mer user which they have problem with Mer product. We believe end user who using Mer product should always refer back to the Mer brand call center for their opinion.

Scenario 2: We did noticed that the detailers who only utilizing Mer system and Mer way in detailing will have limitation in accepting other detailing product. But when a detailer had been pick-up the Japanese/Korean/Great China detailing way can perform any detailing task without any product limitation on their skill. Put it another way, they will have less of the hard time in detailing work compare with purely Mer system user.

2. We are not just western detailers of knowledge in performing detailing works. We prefer Japanese, Korean and Great China detailers detailing skill and way to perform detailing task. And we believe detailing job can be done if you understand the way to perform it.

3. We are not forum keyboard warrior for any specific brand but we did our detailing work and perform professional detailing outcome with numbers of different detailing/ car care brand of product. We believe with our undisclosed or special move of detailing method we can deliver professional result instead of any big brand process constraint. We did perform aggressive/extreme polishing method, fully hand crafted polishing skillset, drop the redundant detailing myth and etc.

4. We prefer the Turtlewax slogan and vision, "Turtlewax is for everyone!". We believe with our skillset and products available here can bring anyone to the profession result once the person able to understand/master our way for detailing. This world is Big enough for us to learn from the others!

5. We prefer the TAC System Korea of detailing which able to deliver the world class best premium detailing product and enable the Korean detailers to achieve ultimate detailing outcome. TAC Korea had been achieving the most effective way in detailing with the most cost effective product consumption! Which mean save most of the buck on detailing professional!

6. Our vision and concept is contradict with "Only for professional" kind of product as we are able to bring end user to perform the detailing work into the best without using the "Only for professional" product but the "Everyone can DO" product. That's the ultimate way for everyone to pick up as a detailers!

7. In order for us to segregate from other detailers which dominated by the only several big brands in market, we develop our own way and method with the registered company and skillset. Turtlepro detailing.
We hope our cost effective way, better method with removing the redundant works from detailing can bring you easier into detailing world.  Please visit: WWW.TURTLEPRO.COM

If you would like to read our sample detailing work report, please visit HERE

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