What is Turtle wax Clearvue Rain Repellent

What is Turtle wax Clearvue Rain Repellent

There are many about rain repellent product now adays in the market. There are so call Rain away , Rain Repellent, and etc.

I got 2 with me, 1 is Tomcat Rain kick, another one is Turtlewax Clearvue Rain Repellent.
below are the pictures took:

ok, let's see what Tomcat said in the product label:
Clear visibility during rainydays - even without wipers.
Repels rain,sleet,snow.
Apply to exterior glass.
bottle of 250ml.

and now , what about turtlewax clearvue rain repellent?
Repels water, dirt, sleet & snow
Suitable for patio doors and exterior windows.
and some place not to use such as painted surfaces plastic and etc.
Here, the most important message:  Use of this product does not offset normal wiper use, wear and tear or misalignment.
bottle of 300ml.

take note of the most important message as above, nothing to do with wiper.take note of this.

Both serve me the same price range, turtlewax gave me 300ml this bottle and told me about the safe use with wiper. At the end depend with the consumer preference. Don't get me wrong, both are budget range product, not the expensive stuff.

Then here we go with all the 3 video clip took which to driving during the rainy day. Those took at different days and the rain drop run away very fast. Do observe carefully in youtube. Here I provide you the link.

Clip took many months ago but only manage to have time to upload at July 15:
Another 2 parts:
part 1 is the 2~3 days after applied the rain repellent.
part 2 is 1~2 weeks after applied.
This help me alot when rainy day, just very easy to apply.
I hope you enjoy ya.