Welcome! Car Detailing Class is now available! 1x1 buddy training class specially dedicated to all car beauty lovers!

What you will learn?
-Compounding and polish technique, with machine polish.
-Professional detailer coating technique.
-How to wash and wax as a detailer way.
-Head lamp restoration and sealing.
-Learn about polisher in detailing industry.
-Learn from various profession detailing concept from different detailer brand.
-Learn the cost effective way of performing car detailing.

What will you get?
-Skill and knowledge learn, benefit forever.
-A full readiness for you to offer detailing business/service to the industry.
-Various big brand of detailing information which help you to unlock your future skill improvement.

What is the training class cost?
-Please email for training class customization.

What should you prepare?
-Think of what you want to learn.
-Email to Kalex Car detailing( if need full advice/consultancy service.

Why Kalex Car Detailing?
-There are no detailers willing to share out the information and skill, this is because all information about detailing are confidential to each brand of product. What normal consumer can only get whatever offer from market shelve.
-This is why we are here to unlock the possibility to all consumer as well as car wash service provider.
-Get through us in what you need to learn in car detailing is the fastest path for your car detailing journey.


What we don't do:
1.No extreme effort in compounding, safe to car clear coat.
2.We do not encourage engine detailing, refer to below sample screenshot for those engine bay detailing consequences.

How to justify do or not to do in engine bay detailing?
3.Go to your car official service center and ask your if you can wash your engine bay. Don't get your ECU chips wet for risk, will your warranty being void? think of it.
4.We do not encourage interior coating which is not good for driver healthy.

What you need to take note:
1.We are the only detailing workshop left in Malaysia still mastering Turtlewax compounding/polishing skill/method.
2.Hence sending your car to us for detailing will left you a little bit unique from other detailing shop in the industry.
3.We do not blindly follow work that being carried out in the detailing industry, we will not do detailing task that is harmful to driver.

Alex Kwok

    Auto Detailer Supply & Service
    Alex is a detailer based in Malaysia. He is written for his website, Kalex Car Detailing or the registered name in Malaysia SSM as Turtlepro Detailing, a popular information sharing center which tells the truth of detailing industry & the smartest way to perform car-care cosmetic for automotive scenes. 
    He researched and innovated detailing skill into more cost effective & creative way.
    New reinvent of skill: Reinvent Speed Shine Icy Detailing Method
    Speed Shine 快速闪耀工法