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We offer/Sell automotive use engine oil.

Servicing is available in Penang & BM Juru.

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We Offer Various Brands of Automotive Oil/Lubricant as below: 
Blitz Japan Racing Oil (Imported Super/Fully Synthetic)
HVI (High Viscosity Index) combination oil offers excellent heat and oxidation stability coupled with low-temperature mobility. 

This improves the fuel mileage and reduces oil consumption while achieving better engine response by forming a strong oil film to the components of the engine.

Suitable for all gasoline cars especially high performance & tuned cars

*全马唯一提供赛车/汽车引擎油 直售与服务!服务费低自RM15元起。确保车主买得安心又开心!

Blitz Super Oil

ZIC KOREA X7 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
10W40 VHVI Technology

A 100% synthetic motor oil engineered to deliver outstanding engine protection with VHVI Technology.

Helps extend engine life by protecting your engine from wear and keeping the engine clean.

Provides excellent performance in both high and low temperatures.
*全马唯一提供赛车/汽车引擎油 直售与服务!服务费低自RM15元起。确保车主买得安心又开心!

Well known USA Formula Shell Fully Synthetic Oil

Formula Shell Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated for improved fuel economy and to provide the engine protection and performance required by modern engines. 

Compatible with other conventional and synthetic oils, it exceeds all automobile and light truck warranty requirements for gasoline and turbocharged engines where API SN and ILSAC GF-5 oil is recommended. 

*全马唯一提供赛车/汽车引擎油 直售与服务!服务费低自RM15元起。确保车主买得安心又开心!
USA Formula Shell

Well known Castrol Fully Synthetic & Semi Synthetic Oil
*UK Europe version! You are using the oil same to Formula1 racer!
*Castrol Fully Synthetic Castrol Edge great performance.
*Castrol Semi-Synthetic Castrol Magnatec great Fuel Consumption oil.
*全马唯一提供赛车/汽车引擎油 直售与服务!服务费低自RM15元起。确保车主买得安心又开心!


Local Malaysian Production best saving cost engine Oil Dynolube
*Local made best price
*全马唯一提供赛车/汽车引擎油 直售与服务!服务费低自RM15元起。确保车主买得安心又开心!


Introducing Most Cost Effective Detailing Package!

Thanks for looking for The Best Cost Effective Detailing packaging for Car enthusiast/ Detailers as well as DIY user.
This MCE Detailing Package(Most Cost Effective Detailing Package) is special designated to help consumer to reduce wastage of detailing stuff.

Why there is a wastage?
Reason: Some users do not need to much compound liquid for car compounding work.
Reason: Some users do not need that much polishing liquid for car polishing work.
Reason: Some user do not own that much car and do not need any extra redundant IPA/surface prep chemical.
Reason: Too costly for us to stock a few liter of chemical whereby we might just need a few hundred ML instead of a liter.
Reason: Too many brands of product in detailing market and everyone stand to say they work the best, but is there a best one if all other can deliver result as similar?
Reason: Most important, how to save much from this detailing hobby? NO ONE WILL TELL YOU THIS! Can you imagine?

What we will help our Car enthusiast/ Detailers as well as DIY user out here is:
1.       Small packaging design enough for a car.
2.       Free as much stuff as possible to help our user in their requirement.
3.       Choose the most suitable and most effective result oriented to offer to our customer in the best price among all that can’t defeat!

Sound very weird and unbelieveable?
You got me no wrong here dude. This outstanding detailing strategy only deliver and offer from here! KALEX Car Detailing Supply | Turtlepro technique.

Do you still need extra polish? Compound liquid? Still stock 3 liter 5 liter for polishing? NO MORE needed, my friend.
Do you still need IPA/surface prep chemical to reuse again? NO MORE required, my friend.
Do you still need to get many towel and sponge for buffing and coating usage? NO MORE for that, my friend.

ALL Are ready for you!
To view more pictures/photos applied Keho Japan, [Click Here]

Contact/SMS at : Alex 012-5217703 Now!


Basic car acre product Offer here:

Type F21 SERIES Packing Offered Price (RM) POS laju (RM) Total Offered Price (RM)
Wax F21 Car Polish Paste
397gm 31 0 SOLD OUT!
Tire F21 Tire Foam & Shine
510gm 27 5 sold out!
Type COLOR RESTORER Packing Offered Price (RM) POS laju (RM) Total Offered Price (RM)
Repair 1-Step Color Back
473ml 40
Type Platinum SERIES Packing Offered Price (RM) POS laju (RM) Total Offered Price (RM)
Wax Platinum Ultra Gloss Paste
368gm 59 0 SOLD OUT!
Wax Platinum Ultra Gloss Liquid
473ml 59 5 SOLD OUT!
Tire Platinum Revitalising Tyre Dressing
500ml 30 0 SOLD OUT! 
Type COMPOUNDS & CLEANERS & Scratch repair Packing Offered Price (RM) POS laju (RM) Total Offered Price (RM)
Repair Rubbing Compound Paste
298gm 17 5 22.Confirm lowest!
Repair Premium Rubbing Compound
532ml * * Contact 0125217703
Repair Premium Polishing Compound
532ml * * Contact 0125217703
Repair Scratch & Swirl Remover

473ml 24 0 SOLD OUT!
Type ICE SERIES Packing Offered Price (RM) POS laju (RM) Total Offered Price (RM)
Wash ICE Car Wash
1.42ltr 62 10 SOLD OUT!
Tire ICE Wheel & Tire Clean
680ml * 0 5Contact 0125217703
Tire ICE Tire Shine
680ml * 0 Contact 0125217703
Detailer ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer
500ml 70 0 SOLD OUT!
Type Misc Exterior and Interior series Packing Offered Price (RM) POS laju (RM) Total Offered Price (RM)
Wax Black Box 
1.5kg 139 5 SOLD OUT
Wax Wax It Wet
500ml 23 5 RM18.00 Confirmed lowest in country!! Free shipment! (Sabah Sarawak add Rm4.00). While stock last!
Wax Extreme nano tech wax liquid
500ml 40 5 SOLD OUT!
Wax Turtle wax Carnauba cleaner wax liquid
473ml 37 10 SOLD OUT!
Wax Zymol original formula cleaner wax liquid
473ml 65 5 SOLD OUT
Wash+wax Rinsefree wash and wax
1 liter 40 0 40.00   Confirm lowest!
**limited to 1 person 1 purchase! While stock last
Wash Zymol natural concentrate auto wash
1.42liter * 0 Contact 0125217703
Repair Premium Chrome & Metal Polish 
325ml * 0 sold out
Repair Premium Grade Trim Restorer
296ml 54 0 SOLD OUT!
Repair Headlight Lens Restorer Kit 
box 80 5 SOLD OUT!
Tire Wet N Black Tire Shine Spray
500ml 36 5 SOLD OUT!
Tire Wet N Black Tire Shine Aerosol
410gm 28 0 SOLD OUT!
Mirror Clearvue Rain Repellant
300ml 18 5 SOLD OUT!
Detailer CD2 Engine Detailer
355gm 22 0 SOLD OUT.

Call/SMS Alex Kwok 0125217703 while stock last!!