A review of car wax over sealant

Most of the car detailer advice to wax over to a sealant, is this really a need to do so?  Some detailer may deny this in some forum we read through. Here I’m going to put this into a real action, in order to tell what the need to do so.
I assume readers reading my article here had been went through the information I shared here before about, wash, clay and wax. Hence I would like to jump into the pictures of car been applied with sealant and wax-ed
The sealant used was PG sealant which is the most common to get in our local hypermarket store. After laying 2~3 coats of sealant in this car, I go for a nano wax of bullsone. Do remember the wax over sealant might need to apply only after a few days in between. In order to make sure the sealant is fully cure and lay on top of your car. And for sure we need to go through the whole process again for : wash, clay. Add in the process of polishing and compounding if you need to.

You will see like a coat of plastic laminated into your car surface and sure I’m not meaning a real plastic surface…. Just look like.

You will notice this clearer for a solid color or plain dark car. Forget about white car, you will hardly notice it.

while from the back.
Ok. after afew days, wash and clay. Then follow with a wax of nano over whole car. And how to know whether it is really helps? And why to do so?
Overall, the sealant we can get in market is actually a cheaper brand which also serves the purpose of an almost similar product which may price higher. Hence the motive of sealant is durability. Another layman term, to stay longer than wax to end user car. So if I’m a person use to wash my car for 2 to 3 weeks once, it doesn’t make much different to me to wax or sealant, I rather go for carnauba which may lay a deeper shine probably.
So if we are to discuss about whether to lay a topping coat of wax over a sealant, is this a must?Or I will rather say this is just a consumer preferences at the end. We might need to consider how frequent we are going to wash our car. And what shampoo we are going to use? Is it harmful to pain as well?
And what to do with wax over a sealant ? The normal brand that we can get a sealant in our local store normally has less power to bead water, if the surface is less defensive over water rain which shown us its lack of beading water function will mean one thing…..the dirt, tar and mud will be easily to stick over your car surface even you had been covered with a layer of sealant.
To speak honestly and more clearly as I knew not everyone catch my word here. Refer to below diagram:

YES! Wax stay on sealant! But not your expensive coating, but the cheaper sealant! Watch the picture!
There are dusts on top of the car. After washed and waxed for a few days.

And surface still bead nicely, whichever is not able to perform by normal sealant but wax can do.
See the dusty, but nice water bead in placed.

Let see how the sealant can reflect. And the most important, wax do bring it a deeper shine.

Picture tells thousand words. Let’ see more:

There are scratches/swirl and dusty surface. But they are all still under protected under the wax surface. Your choice to think of coumpounding the surface?

This article is not to argue how nice the car surface can maintain. Not to argue to compound a surface for swirl/scratches removal.
But to discuss 1 thing, is the surface of sealant can be applied with another layer of wax?
The answer is yes. And it was nice than just a single sealant layer. By the way the picture of this car I shown here is lay more than 1 layer of sealant. Which means you still can put a wax on top of your sealant, no matter how hard/how many of your sealant staying there.