Nano223 mini spray Titanium coating for car interior

Nano223 mini spray Titanium coating for interior

Introducing the world’s most advanced nano surface coating technology to destroy harmful contaminants.
This Nano223 is water-based, transparent and quick-drying and bonds virtually permanently to almost all surfaces indoor and outdoor.

Billions of pure nano particles harness light energy to produce a powerful photocatalytic effect to oxidise and kill viruses, bacteria and mold in contact with it. Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors, for continuous and long-lasting protection 1 year.
TiO2 used as photo-catalyst is physically and chemically safe, the US certified it as a food addictive in 1968 and Japan did in 1983.
Description : A water-based solution of Pure 2-3nm Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) that is colourless and odourless. TiO2 coating will activate in the presence of visible light to oxidize organic compounds and VOCs.
Coating Functions : Anti- Virus, Anti- Bacteria, Anti- Mold, Anti- Odor, VOCs Reduction, UV Protection
Unique Features : Ultra strong bond withstands normal cleaning
Directions : Pre clean surface. Apply an ultra fine mist- like coating and leave to dry before use. Re-coat if necessary.
Small & light, convenient for self-sanitizing purpose while traveling.May use on any surface (eg. toilet, bathtub, baby products, bed surface, uniforms & clothes, key boards &mouse, cell phone, bags and etc.)
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Anti- Virus
  • Anti- Bacteria
  • Anti- Mold
  • Anti- Odor
  • VOCs Reduction
  • UV Protection

Suitable for Car Interior and home use!

Normal Interior coating in Market: Shine but no protection! And harmful after coated under the hot sun!

Our interior coating here is anti-bacteria for even anti virus like SARS & H1n1 and etc. Furthermore last a few months and possible up to one year!


Products criteria:
•Most advance Pure Nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) surface coating technology.
•Nano 223 is to make the environment safer and healthier place.
•It transform surface to become self-sanitizing in which deleterious bacteria and viruses are eliminated upon contacts.
•Reduce risk of infections and promote greater hygiene throughout the world.

Education to us:
What is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
•Titanium is the 9thmost common element on earth
•TiO2 used as photo-catalyst is physically and chemically safe, the US certified it as a food additive in 1968 and Japan did in 1983.
•It is now used widely in making white chocolates and functional cosmetics, including lipsticks.

How can Nano 223 help you ?
•Improve air quality (IAQ)
•Rapidly kills all viruses and bacteria's ( SARS, H1N1,HFMD, MRSA……)
•Stop mould growth on surfaces
•Prevents odors( clothing, furniture, bed and etc… )
•Eliminates volatile organic compounds (For the key components, filters, ducts, of UV air purification equipment)
•Reduce risk of infections ( red eyes, skin sensitive, runny rose, sneezing, headache, coughing, itching and etc)
•Protect surface from UV radiation
•Self –sanitising 365 days (less energy. Less waste. More green. Lower maintenance cost)

How Does it Works ?
•Once coated, surface virtually self-sanitize and self-clean
•Nano 223’s ultra small particles are photo-catalyst
•Instantly become energised by any visible light.
•In this continuous energy-transfer process, micro organisms are literally “burned” and destroy by a Nano “fire” leaving behind only CO2 & water.

Nano 223 Specification
•Water, Isopropyl, PURE 2-3 Nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
•Working Bandwidth
•UV to Visible Light

•Pure 2-3nm TiO2
•Colourless & Odourless
•Water Based
•Ultra Strong Self-Bond
•Quick Drying

 Who used this technology?

What we can prevent?


 GOOD NEWS IS  this product is now with end user hand carry small packing!

Nano223 mini spray 10ml x 1 bottles: RM55.00 Free postage

Nano223 mini spray 10ml x 3 bottles: RM160.00 Free postage

 Contact/message: 0125217703

dust mask for polishing detailing_N95

N95:Dust mask for polishing & detailing work
KN95:Dust mask for coating chemical & detailing work
Plastic breathing for better air flow and breathing ventilation


Knowledge:  Are surgical masks the same as N95 masks?
- Surgical masks and N95 masks are different and were made for different purposes. Surgical masks were designed to protect the surrounding environment from the user’s own spit or mucous. Healthcare professionals use them (e.g. in an operating theatre) to prevent their own germs from infecting the patient.
- N95 masks were designed to protect the wearer from airborne particles. Studies have shown that they are at least 95% efficient against fine particles that are about 0.1 – 0.3 microns, assuming good fit on the wearer’s face. 


You had done more of polishing work, the more dust you sucked into your lung!

You had smell alot of coating smell, the more chemical sucked into your lung!
More chemical suck in your lung!!

Your surgical mask has no immune for chemical coating! only KN95!

Please be educated! Your detailing1 Your life!


Our types of N95 best serves:
**Avoid from Haze
**For labor work
**Prevent suck on dusty air

Our Flat pricing! No adjustment as below(no matter haze or no haze):

Type Color EASY  breathing Grade Selling price
KN95 grey OK. Normal wearing best 4.1
KN95 grey Yes. With plastic breathing top best 5.6

N95 white Yes. With plastic breathing normal best 4.2

Call/SMS/Whatapps us at our Staff contact: Alex 0125217703
or visit us at our office:
1079 2nd floor, Jalan Tok Kangar, Pusat Perniagaan Juru, 14100, Simpang Ampat Pulau Pinang



Step 1: Washing and Surface preparation (Exterior & Glass)
Exterior Washer First: [Iron cleaner & washer] Dilution with water to clean car exterior surface as well as Rim and wheel. This cleaner is offer superior result whereby can remove iron dirt at the same time while washing.
Exterior Preparation Second: [Oil remover] This step 2 cleaner will remove any redundant oily stay on surface. Apply this before proceed with Exterior Protection at next step will enhance your exterior protection coat. This is the clue whereby normal waxing /coating lack of durability problem.
Glass Cleaning: [Waterspot zero] Clean car glass very effectively

Step 2: Coat For Glossy and Protection (Exterior)
Exterior Protection Step 2.1: [Power Coat] Base coat Polymer sealant Coating
Exterior Protection Step 2.2: [Premium Glass Coating Spray] The direct Easy spray coating system serves as topper. Unlimited layer of applications.

Step 3: Interior treatment
Interior Dash & leather: [Interior Cleaner] Interior all in one cleaner
Interior Dash & leather protection: [Leather Lotion] The lotion can serve to protect dash & leather

Exterior Washer First: [Iron cleaner & washer, 100ml] – RM25.00
Exterior Preparation Second: [Oil remover, 100ml] – RM25.00
Glass Cleaning: [Waterspot zero, 100ml] – RM25.00

Exterior Protection Step 1: [Power Coat, 100ml] – RM25.00
Exterior Protection Step 2: [Premium Glass Coating, 250ml] bigger bottle packing – RM140.00

Interior Dash & leather: [Interior Cleaner, 100ml]– RM25.00
Interior Dash & leather protection: [Leather Lotion, 100ml] – RM25.00

Total: RM290.00 discounted to RM249.00! BEST OFFER EVER!!
Free POS laju
Free 40x40 high performance Microfiber towel x1
Free borderless high quality Korea imported Microfiber towel x1
Free ultra-soft coating application sponge for Power coat sealant coating x2
Free Extra 1 bottle Premium Auto-wash 50ml simple DIY packing x1
Free proper waxing/coating application technique /step by step manual x1 (Priceless knowledge sharing)
Free proper waxing/coating buffing technique manual x1 (Priceless knowledge sharing)
Free car detailing knowledge information sharing x1 (Priceless knowledge sharing)

Why should we always perform detailing work for our ride

Why should we always perform detailing work for our ride?
And what shouldn't do in detailing work?

The truth you need to know:
"Good detailing is 90% application and 10% product," he said. "The best detailer can get decent results with decent products, but the worst detailer can't get great results even with great products." FROM AOL Autos: 10 cars to keep you young

There are few automotive maintenance chores that are more satisfying, accessible to all skill levels and truly beneficial for your car than a good detail job. From AOL Autos: Cars with the best resale value

WHY you Need a professional detailers?
Consider some of the benefits to having a professional provide detailing work for your car:
Improved resale value, higher selling price. A vehicle that’s been maintained well will always demand a higher selling price, and this holds true for its appearance, too. An exterior that’s been cleaned and waxed regularly will show less wear and tear and the paint and clear coat will be more durable in the long run. Inside, regular thorough detailing such as vacuuming every nook and cranny and shampooing the carpets will help a car hold its new-car feel.

Convenience. Not only will you save yourself the time and hassle of washing, waxing and vacuuming your car by hiring a detailing professional, it can also be more convenient. Many auto-detailing shops off pick-up and drop-off services as well as mobile detailing so your car never has to leave the driveway.
Faster sale turnaround. Everybody loves that “new car” look, feel and smell,  even if they’re buying a used car. A car with a recent thorough detail will sell faster than one that hasn’t been cleaned by a professional.
Peace of mind. Spills happen. Getting a professional to help remove any spills, stains or other accidents using tried-and-true methods not only saves you elbow grease, it also ensures the stain or spill has been removed or neutralized as effectively as possible.

What we don't encourage to do:
1.No extreme effort in compounding, safe to car clear coat.
2.We do not encourage engine detailing, refer to below sample screenshot for those engine bay detailing consequences.

How to justify do or not to do in engine bay detailing?
3.Go to your car official service center and ask your if you can wash your engine bay. Don't get your ECU chips get wet for risk, will your warranty being void? think of it.

4.We do not encourage interior chemical coating which is no good for driver healthy.

SOMETHING you need to prevent from those lack of training washer,(See you catch the Joke!):

Alex Kwok

    Auto Detailer Supply & Service
    Alex is a detailer based in Malaysia. He is written for his website, Kalex Car Detailing or the registered name in Malaysia SSM as Turtlepro Detailing, a popular information sharing center which tells the truth of detailing industry & the smartest way to perform car-care cosmetic for automotive scenes. 
    He researched and innovated detailing skill into more cost effective & creative way.
    New reinvent of skill: Reinvent Speed Shine Icy Detailing Method
    Speed Shine 快速闪耀工法