How to change a driller to polisher with Dewalt

As per title. This is to show you and tell you how to change a driller to polisher. And sure..with Dewalt tool.

OK.Do you ever wonder how is the age of polishing went through when the old age of car waxing era?
Is that what we see right now in the market of polisher is what we ever look for?
Basically there are 2 kind of dominating polisher in our car care industry. The rotary and the dual action model of polisher.
I had been thinking of the fact of polisher is a kind of machine that assists us to doing our job easily, hence what we need is the tool that can keep on rotating non-stop that what our hand find it difficult to achieve. We can do it by hand, maybe…but really not that easy.
I have my own machine which is not a polisher, and I found the way to turn it into a polisher. Which serve the tool with non-stop rotating in doing the job. At the same time I get it muti-purpose that not just being a polisher only also other function. And I found the article in the internet which teaches us to convert the power tool to polisher is not that much, hence I will use this article here to explain how I did it! Keep reading the article and find out then~

Found this screen shot familiar? Ya this is the demonstration of Merguiars and let’s see how this was done. To let you know that when I have no idea how other people did the job here and how Meguiars made this happened when I tried to convert my power tool to polisher. The screen shot above is the Merguiars who whole a same brand of tool I have. His one is the Dewalt model of driller with lower power whereby my driller of Dewalt stand for 650watt. Yellow color, Dewalt right?? Let move further here.

Ah ha….Merguiars suggested the corded drill. Here how the staff attach a soft little wool on the drill.

This is how it looks like.

Functioning, spinning and keep on going~~

Keep on spinning.

So now we have some ideas? Cool~!  Don’t forget that until this stage, the drill polisher above is not a dual action polisher. Let’s move further.

Here is the Ac Delco polisher. Doesn’t it looks like a polisher+driller?

Here is another screenshot from some clips, a real Merguiars Dual Action polisher head which specially design to attach with the power drill. Yes. Only the front stuff which can attach to the driller.

Here is a funny advertising from Merguiars where the left guy with big traditional orbital buffer is going to throw away the old school stuff.

And now he holding the driller + polisher head DA polisher.

How he make it? Here is the secret~~

Ta dang~~~!!

This is how he apply it~

This is the so called DA power system. See the head there?the Right side one.

here got another picture tell the almost similar thing. 
YES~!! When you are here you got it, basically this is the another way of the polisher market.
How people find and attach the polisher head to their power tool – power drill.
So How I do it ? OK, refer below and enjoy!!
First thing the core. It is the backing plate or call it backing disc/sanding disc or etc~
This is the Bosch brand with 5 inch of size.
Attach the back or the flat plate side with Velcro:

The Velcro is as below:
if you don’t have a Velcro, you  might need to reach me for it. String Velcro is what I mean here.
Don’t miss out the real body.
My tools is here:

YEA~~ My Dewalt drill + Borsh plate + sponge/buffing pad. The dual action do cost much for us here. It almost cost me another tool of price. Hence here is another way to turn my driller to the tool i cna use on my car! Enjoy ya!

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