Nano223 mini spray Titanium coating for car interior

Nano223 mini spray Titanium coating for interior

Introducing the world’s most advanced nano surface coating technology to destroy harmful contaminants.
This Nano223 is water-based, transparent and quick-drying and bonds virtually permanently to almost all surfaces indoor and outdoor.

Billions of pure nano particles harness light energy to produce a powerful photocatalytic effect to oxidise and kill viruses, bacteria and mold in contact with it. Removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors, for continuous and long-lasting protection 1 year.
TiO2 used as photo-catalyst is physically and chemically safe, the US certified it as a food addictive in 1968 and Japan did in 1983.
Description : A water-based solution of Pure 2-3nm Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) that is colourless and odourless. TiO2 coating will activate in the presence of visible light to oxidize organic compounds and VOCs.
Coating Functions : Anti- Virus, Anti- Bacteria, Anti- Mold, Anti- Odor, VOCs Reduction, UV Protection
Unique Features : Ultra strong bond withstands normal cleaning
Directions : Pre clean surface. Apply an ultra fine mist- like coating and leave to dry before use. Re-coat if necessary.
Small & light, convenient for self-sanitizing purpose while traveling.May use on any surface (eg. toilet, bathtub, baby products, bed surface, uniforms & clothes, key boards &mouse, cell phone, bags and etc.)
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Anti- Virus
  • Anti- Bacteria
  • Anti- Mold
  • Anti- Odor
  • VOCs Reduction
  • UV Protection

Suitable for Car Interior and home use!

Normal Interior coating in Market: Shine but no protection! And harmful after coated under the hot sun!

Our interior coating here is anti-bacteria for even anti virus like SARS & H1n1 and etc. Furthermore last a few months and possible up to one year!


Products criteria:
•Most advance Pure Nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) surface coating technology.
•Nano 223 is to make the environment safer and healthier place.
•It transform surface to become self-sanitizing in which deleterious bacteria and viruses are eliminated upon contacts.
•Reduce risk of infections and promote greater hygiene throughout the world.

Education to us:
What is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
•Titanium is the 9thmost common element on earth
•TiO2 used as photo-catalyst is physically and chemically safe, the US certified it as a food additive in 1968 and Japan did in 1983.
•It is now used widely in making white chocolates and functional cosmetics, including lipsticks.

How can Nano 223 help you ?
•Improve air quality (IAQ)
•Rapidly kills all viruses and bacteria's ( SARS, H1N1,HFMD, MRSA……)
•Stop mould growth on surfaces
•Prevents odors( clothing, furniture, bed and etc… )
•Eliminates volatile organic compounds (For the key components, filters, ducts, of UV air purification equipment)
•Reduce risk of infections ( red eyes, skin sensitive, runny rose, sneezing, headache, coughing, itching and etc)
•Protect surface from UV radiation
•Self –sanitising 365 days (less energy. Less waste. More green. Lower maintenance cost)

How Does it Works ?
•Once coated, surface virtually self-sanitize and self-clean
•Nano 223’s ultra small particles are photo-catalyst
•Instantly become energised by any visible light.
•In this continuous energy-transfer process, micro organisms are literally “burned” and destroy by a Nano “fire” leaving behind only CO2 & water.

Nano 223 Specification
•Water, Isopropyl, PURE 2-3 Nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
•Working Bandwidth
•UV to Visible Light

•Pure 2-3nm TiO2
•Colourless & Odourless
•Water Based
•Ultra Strong Self-Bond
•Quick Drying

 Who used this technology?

What we can prevent?


 GOOD NEWS IS  this product is now with end user hand carry small packing!

Nano223 mini spray 10ml x 1 bottles: RM55.00 Free postage

Nano223 mini spray 10ml x 3 bottles: RM160.00 Free postage

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