How to apply zymol wash and wax_zymol cleaner wax

How to apply zymol wash and wax

This time I gonna do some testing with zymol wash and wax. This product content was stated as all  are natural ingredient. Such as coconut , carnauba wax and etc..

Let’s see what are the items ready here. Zymol auto wash, and zymol cleaner wax. I’m using the testing unit here to show you How to do.

Enjoy below photos!

Not to forget the other tools required, microfiber towel, pail and etc.

There are some stickers there that I need to remove. Here I’m using sticker and label remover by turtlewax. This product not just can use to remove sticker but also powerful in removing bug tar and water spot. Try it and you will surprise with it.


Spray the content on the sticker/stuff hat stick on your car…then let it penetrate into the sticker for a few minutes.

 After that wipe with toilet paper /tissue or anything damp cloth. Ta dang~~~ removed.


Now let’s move to zymol auto wash. Fill in water into pail. Pour content into the water pail. Follow the mixture suggest by manufacturer. But I don’t mind you wanna add more or less…you decide.. haha

 The way I do is the 2 pails/ 2 bucket method. Then wash with washing mist.


 I will clay immediate after a simple wash through.

 After washed and clay-ed, try to move your hand on the surface and feel the smoothness…wonderful touching surface here… you can dry with a chamois cloth.

There are some saying of chamois cloth which caused scratches, that happened probably the panel surface still with contaminants that not removed. Hence if you already clay-ed your car surface then chamois shouldn’t be the culprit to caused your surface any scratches. This is what need to mention here to clear some misunderstanding .

Now follow up with zymol cleaner wax. Using a testing unit here. Waxing sponge ready here.

 Let it stay for a few minutes and haze… then remove with microfiber towel.