How to use Turtlewax bug tar remover?

A simple steps and screen shot on how to use the bug tar remover.
From the product of turtlewax. This is my car, as usual, i will demo and take down the picture.
My phone is a cheap phone, so sorry if the picture is not that clear.
Remember for a bug tar remover, whichever brand make no much different. No matter is Merguairs turtlewax, F1 or etc~~ only consumer preferences.
Here we go with turtlewax!
Assume you will need to wash your car first...

see how dirty is from the mud ...
here more after some rain and drive over the mud..
here we come with the bug tar remover. this is to make our life easier to remove dirt instead of putting more forces to clean mud.
By the way if you got water pressure to help you will definitely make you easier.
See. this is a SAFE for Clear coat . And it won't strip wax. Haha! see any brand else says this?
let say if we had cleaned it.
water is still there after rinsed.
the bottom part is still with some kind of "difficult to remove dirt"~very difficult!

ok.choose the "X" mode to OK. mean the X mode is to close the spray bottle.

here you go. it looks like snow, don't you think so?

some form the back.
take a few minutes, then remove with a simple damp cloth will do. ta dang~~~! removed!
let it stay for afew minutes.
removed! ta dang~!

let's say there are some stubborn dirty there. repeat applying the bug tar remover.
clean with damp cloth always~
and its good to go now!

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