Turtlewax legend of hard shell- The easier and affordable protection!

Nothing much to say but the picture tell. To get a budget price with enough of protective of surface.
Here is it the Hardshell... it had been the legend . time tells~~ yo.
That's why i like it, cheap and easy.

 I had been using it for my own car..and sometimes shine is not as complicated as mirror reflection but the simple clean and shine which can be delivered to anyone car. as easy as possible. Just that's it.
The main reason I have my great time with turtlewax hardshell is that I need the conservative way to protect my car and let it shine as per normal instead of purposely to create it an extra-ordinary outlook. A very good information HERE for us to understand more(About: Paintwork Correction or Paintwork Preservation ).
I'm a driver who have no luck to modify my car at all, I just want it to be original. Hence in this body car of my car, I wish it shine at the most safety way as possible.
When I reach here, don;t catch me wrong that I like car detailing as well. But not what we think as the trendy car detailer thought.

Here it is. My Turtlewax hardshell paste.Just finish it .....
But let say for us to have a full protection with enough of economical budget for our car, hard shell is always the legend to offer this price tag to our consumer. 
Let see what we have with hardshell and buget protection for our car:
 First thing, a must have from me, hehe.. The legend . The turtle hardshell paste. Economic and enough for a great shine.
 Secondly, for faster application to car body of for those who like easier waxing than paste wax. Here it is, the liquid hard shell!!
 Not to left out this! the Turtlewax Express shine. This is very cool. fast enough to show fast shine, apply and wipe away. so easy so easy....just that easy and fast. that's way it said: Express shine.

 Let say If I'm busy for some weekend stuff to do, I need to cut down some waxing time. This will help alot...! wet wax. skip the wax curing time. Hence for times we are busy. Have this one
 when we are short of time~~

But what is the best match to perform the waxing?
OK. 1 hard shell paste/liquid for base application after wash and clay. then follow up with a coat of express shine. And this will cover for weeks to months depend on your car is a garage keeper or hot sun babe~~
I will suggest to get wet wax for who don't have enough time to spend on wax or want thing fast. But don;t forget, express shine is always a good topper for all kind of wax product.  Enjoy!

And This is still bead-ing of rain after days I applied. Still awaiting the next weekend to wax it again! IT just so fun to do it at the same time enough budget for me to make this hobby easy!!   ^0^