An expert shows how he removed orange peel paint defect , from autogeek

An expert shows how he removed orange peel paint defect , from autogeek.
This is what normal detailer prefer to do so to drive out the awesome woo-haa effect of car body mirror look effect.
not to discuss about this but first enjoy the work he done here.
Do visit autogeek forum to find out upon your preferences:

Someone ask the orange peel question , same thing is when a person/driver feel that he don't has a mirror look car...

             and the expert revert the post here, some good explanation..

                     The expert is good to tell his work! awesome!

Although this is what an expert do, do ever do we ask this right for us to do so?just to remove and sand down the clearcoat for the sake of mirror look effect? scarifying the car clear coat which offered by car manufacturer just to drive with the woo-haa effect which car detailer loves to most?
Not a right or wrong here, but let's look for what is the car paint coat actually is HERE.

From my article which derive from sierraglow about the car paint coat, moving out or reducing the top coat of car paint-->clear coat is actually reducing your paint protection which offer by car manufacturer to you.
You think twice for this......

By the way, I feel to proud to the detailer work, and here is another information which wrote by be continue..

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