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Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer Review

I went ahead and gave this product a try because it was on sale at my walmart.

I like the actual bottle and trigger design, just as good as UQD. The ICE Sprays more than it mists.

The application required the flip of the MF to remove product, where as UQD just needs one swipe as you apply. It also leaves smearing if overused, sort of like a wax.

Water Beading:

The water did sheet and bead, but not nearly as good as UQD. UQD produces many very small tight, tiny beads that are even on the surface where as the ICE just had random large beads and didn't sheet very well.

 And with UQD, it is very small tight beads (which I prefer). I guess it's just opinion:

It did make the paint pop, but again, not as good as UQD does...

The product actually smelled pretty good, but not as good as UQD.

As far as price though, I got 32oz bottle for only 6 dollars.
Where UQD is 22oz for 10 dollars.

Out of 5, I give the product a 3

It doesn't compare to UQD, or any other Meg's Detailer...
I don't recommend buying it unless it's on sale and since it's cheaper you could use it at least once a day and not affect your wallet.

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Re: Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer Review

I actually used to love this product until they changed the trigger(I bought one when they first came out) Like you mention i doesnt really mist and mine foams and then i noticed the smearing, i just threw mine away i was disappointed.

Re: Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer Review

I haven't used the detailer, but I do really like the ICE microfiber polishing towels and their drying towel. It's nice to be able to just go to Wal-Mart and find some better than decent towels.

Re: Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer Review

Great Review!!
Although there may be some bias, but it is okay.
I liked the Spray Detailer and that is all I liked from the ICE line.
I did a good job and helped with "wax".

Re: Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer Review

I have a bottle and it worked pretty good for me, also have a bottle of MOTHERS Showtime,Wax Shop Slick Stuff HD and KIT PearlGlo as well as the UQD,all seemed to work as advertised, No bias here I like to try them all

Re: Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer Review

I though that Turtle Platinum spray was better then Turtle Ice spray.

Re: Turtle Wax ICE Spray Detailer Review

I actually prefer the look of the ICE over UQD. I have a white vehicle and, in my opinion, the paint just pops a bit more. The reason that I buy UQD is for the hydropholic properties and that I can stock up when Target has a sale on UQD bottles.

The TW Ice claykit is actually pretty decent as well. The Liquid Claybar portion is fairly worthless but the clay and lube provided does a decent job on contamination removal.

*********************Pity right?************************
most of the time that I found out the negative review have Merguiars product along with them.But basically Merguiars is much more expensive than turtle. And only turtle have basic grade wax such as hardshell to higher grade platinum, nano extreme and ice to serve multiple categories of consumer.
Is there any one side bias review? I had been enjoying the hard shell. let see more information below:

from detailing world forum:

Originally Posted by tonyy View Post
Hello,I have one question about the waxes of Turtle wax,is this a good staf or..?Today I look at Turtle wax original hard shell shine wax, the green bottle,enione tried it?
It's not bad, out of that and car pride hard wax, I would choose the car pride, if you must stick with TW, then I would suggest the Platinum, here is a pic of the results the cleaner wax you are reffering to can do

 I will suggest audience to have a look at a more neutral review as below:

We gave the new Turtle Wax ICE system a review, but before we start we have to ask you how may times you have read the claim "leaves no powdery residue" before ?
Well you may be pleased to know that we found all the ICE products leave absolutely NO (zero) powdery residue of any kind.
We are talking not even a tiny microscopic amount of powder residue is left anywhere... nothing... Which is amazing because we read this on other products, but still see traces of powder after we use them...but with ICE, the claim is 100% true.. ZERO powdery residue. Finally some truth in advertising.. haha.

 In fact....yes. this is awesome. !