The truth in Car Detailing industry


On and off there are customer ask me same question repeatedly, hence I would like to paste the answer here to share out the real truth about car detailing industry.

I would like to thanks to Darren a great detailer from US who use to upload numbers of great information about detailing field. His thought is different with what normal detailer trend we had been seen. I like this way in telling the truth, I may have different opinion but I believe this world is big enough for us to learn from each other.
I would like to start this article with some pictures captured from Darren clip, please email me if Darren you have any concern and need me to remove it. Thanks.

Here we go............

Here we start with a simple answer from another detailer(GuideToDetailing Author):

My Opinion that I do not agree with Engine bay detailing/wash. Your engine your choice but did detailer dare to responsible for engine stall after washed the engine bay?

The Q & A you should read here, my answer honestly:

For normal detailing user who pick up knowledge of detailing in Malaysia are mostly influenced by the western and English language info forum whereby some of their info can even be improved to
better detailing skill set.
I'm more too all kind of detailing skill set and not just stick with one-kind brand of detailing system, hence
the info I provided to you will have combination of coating preparation technique + normal waxing detailing knowledge.
To those influenced by English detailing forum based community are highly dominated by Merguairs + Menzerna(a famous Germany brand), whereby those Asean background detailing community such as Japan/Korea/China are not the territory of Merguairs.
We all can't imagine how big is turtle in China and Europe UK. Hence let's put whatever you heard in forum aside and i will tell you the real industry of detailing than what you read in forum.As i believe mostly forum detailers background carry some products along hence they will say for the product they carry as well.

Let me answer your inquiry as below:

1.       Surface prepare items related:  

The branded that you heard:
-clay only can use with clay lube liquid which charge consumer sky high.
-clay need to use with detailer liquid whereby mostly detailing shop don't follow whereby only the branding product mislead ed the consumer and pick your money for it.
-big brand and traditional brand of car wax company use detailer liquid to bond car clearcoat with waxes but car coating surface preparation technique is to use oil remover to bond clear coat with coating.
-big brand told us clay bar can pick iron dirt which is wrong.

What is can tell you The real world is:
-all shampoo have cleaning agent function can use along with claying process.
-traditional clay bar regardless what brand are use to pick up the stubborn contaminant and then fold it back to use again, which is actually transfer back the dirt that possible cause man made scratches.Because water can't wash out the dirt from sticky clay.
-clay sponge is the innovated product which can wash by water and use again if dirt collected. Which mean dirt from clay can be removed than normal traditional clay can't do. Life time longer and 100% safer. Chemical guy in US selling it but sky high of pricing. The famous Asean countries that develop and manufactured this is from Taiwan and most of the Taiwanese base detailing body shop are already using this new skill. Only when
we are english dominant community that look back to Merguairs forum get leaded into the old way of clay bar..
-Even Turtle US already stopped clay bar but started to promote claybar liquid which they transfer the clay chemical into liquid based form.
-iron dirt can't be seen through human eyes unless we have that pair of Avengers Hawkeyes. iron dirt is another culprit of cause of the car clear coat went into oxidization. Hence cleaning iron out from car surface is good
from time to time and this can replaced the detailer liquid with claying process and can apply right after iron removal spray.
My suggestion is: wash then iron spray then claying.

 2.       Compounding/polishing stage.

My revert answer:
all coumpound and polish and use with wool pad or sponge pad. the difference is wool pad will leave tiny hair line due to its fur surface hence follow up with the finest cutting polish with sponge then bring back the glossy and fix the hair line scratches.

3.       Step 1 & 2 wash, presoak OEM wash & autowash? It is the car wash process before step no.1 above? What is the application process?

My revert answer:
normal and traditional only got one wash. but the current latest detailing technique is with contact less wash then only with real wash.
there are a lot of autowash in market and myself mostly prefer the zymol autowash, because this is the only autowash that blended with most of the natural ingredient and offer better smell unlike others of chemical
taste-like liquid. but this is totally up to you to choose it.
i will suggest you try on the contact less wash which is the cheapest and you can try on any other car wash later. whatever brand can wash for you.

4.       Surface protection related: 

My answer: Yes, there are super dummy usage of DIY coating. The one name with world easiest coating: TAC Korea Premium glass coating. It's content with Sio2 which is kind of glass content and it was used to apply on top of car for coating usage. this product just required spray then wipe like how you wipe your table.
the most easiest in the world even waxes need to wait for curing time. whereby this product need no waiting time and it took very less content for each panel of car. 2 or 3 little spray and don't apply too much.
the bottle content 250ml which covers for years. in the long run this is very save cost and save most of your time.

Waxing related question:
Are these turtlewax ICE premium or Japan Wilson Tsuya expert pro-wax ANY better than Meguiar’s Ultimate wax? What is the differences
between the 2 wax option your offered?  Application if this wax is by hand or DA machine?

What I say here:
What you read from forum:
Merguairs is the best for all and nothing can defeat..and this only happened in Merguairs forum or diehard supporters went into all other detailing forum to share it out.

My answer:
there is no best waxes in the world only consumer preferences. For those countries that in No-English language don't even bother how Merguairs did and they has their own brand of products which defeat Merguairs
hardcore i believe...but i also have no wisdom to justify that honestly.

Now a days whoever have money in pocket can bring in any car wax and approach chemical company lab to replicate the same. this is what we call it chemical reverse engineering.
Hence to me, all are chemical formulation from the factory and there is no longer rocket hidden secret for all big brands. Because all chemist including Malaysian chemist company can do this.

I had dealed with customer of coating field. Car coating, car waxes, car compound never a secret. Just how they made their name in marketing. obviously Merguairs made it very well that caused all forum readers thought only they made superior waxes...indeed there are a lot of waxes.

I'm a Asean detailing skillset preferences but i also refer to western on how they did detailing. My honest advice is all waxes can protect and shine your car, your budget rule and once you pick up detailing knowledge and skill, all brands is not a problem for you.
Hence i prefer the branding knowledge by  Turtle the "Smart shield technology" which covers Ice wax. by the way, Ice wax is the only wax which have most repellent to dust.
The truth is all oil based wax catches dust which will caused watermark. Merguairs have no way get out of that too as well as the Japan Willson waxes. But only Ice wax or DIY coating have better repellent for dust environment.

What people don't tell you: repel water is enough, but watermark caused by dust stay on clear coat and it dried under the sun.

All waxes that need to get along with DA need liquid wax for convenient usage but will consume much more that paste.
Paste wax is best use by hand and you can utilize waxing technique to create better water flow.
if you want to best consumption of waxes use paste and utilize with a sponge to transfer it to the top of sponge pad of DA for machine apply.

Why we are different and we speak differently from forum detailer?
I borrow the words from Drex. Thanks Drex, pls let me know if you require me to remove this screenshot. thanks ya.

Why I would like to say all this things? Refer below and understand why we are honest. But only in Mandarin language~~