Business Partner recruitment

Business Counterpart/Partner recruitment

 Thanks for visiting Kalex Car Detailing Supply & Service.
Our business is expanding and recruitment of partnership are all welcome.

There are several business counterpart/partnership available:
  1.  Purely service provider model – You will be taking stock from Kalex Car Detailing with very low MOQ(minimum of quantity) and offer detailing service to your customer.
  2. Solely state service provider- You will continuous take stock from Kalex Car Detailing monthly at specific MOQ and become our sole service provider only for your state of service.
  3. Buy and sell business model – You will be taking stock from Kalex Car Detailing with very low MOQ(minimum of quantity) and offer detailing supply for your regional business supply.
  4. OEM car coating/ car detailing product – You will be able to get blank product from Kalex Car Detailing with specific amount and you can make your own branding.
  5. Drop-shipping Agent– You will have zero cost model with no commitment require. Get order from customer and pay to Kalex Car Detailing and we will do the shipment. You will get the balance from your selling revenue.

What is the benefit to join Kalex Car Detailing network?
Purely service provider model: Normal detailing bodyshop model. Same like others. Same business same way you generate income.

Solely state service provider: Concentrated business flow of model, all customer will be directed to you and all price are locked down for your detailing service.

Buy and sell business model: No constraint of business supply. Flexible way to be buy and sell agent.
OEM car coating/ car detailing product: Very low investment according to your budget. We provide technical detailing training and support. Please approach us in email:

Drop-shipping Agent: zero cost, zero burden. Can be commission base or flexible rate base.

Extra benefit:
Get benefit detailing info from us, not just western detailing method, but Japanese/Korean/China Chinese detailing skill that you never found/notice in English base detailing community.
Get cost effective advice from us on how to lower down your cost but deliver the good quality service for customer.
We will market our product and we will include in our marketing advertising channel! Free advertising for you!
Be the official name listing in our website/blog.(Only for Solely state service provider)

Get online report review on your  work for free! We will upload and customer will read your great effort!

Please contact us/inquiry for Business development APPLICATION FORM.
Please read below before you consider to involve in business:
Thanks for your Inquiry and we need you to understand below conditions before making any purchasing action:
1.We hold strong honestly value in business hence we also require the same business value from our customer which we do not accept 30 days-term of payment condition.
2.We practice high integrity value in business act and we do not accept any “Over-Markup” request by customer.
3.We are trained to deliver better service and best practice in business conduction for all stages of communication hence we will not accept non-ethical/rude communication manners from customer/supplier.

Our business value that need your co-operation:

Term and conditions:
1.We value business value and attitude the most important thing: Understand our business value and being ethical in business operation.
2.No cheating to customer and always behave good morality.
3.Honest is a must.
4.Hold promise in business, if agree to take on which brand and volume do hold your promise to take it and not void your promise. Hence do not simply make any big words of promising. Value your own business scenario.


1. 纯汽车美容服务 低量进货条件,纯提供美容服务。
2. 指定州属汽车美容服务供应商 每月指定量货源,该州属客源将全指引致给您。
3. 纯买卖销售商 以低量进货条件,纯销售货源。
4. OEM制定coating/汽车美容用具等 以特价进货,以自定品牌问世。
5. Drop-shipping Agent – 零风险,零费用。自由性销售。

Alex Kwok

    Auto Detailer Supply & Service
    Alex is a detailer based in Malaysia. He is written for his website, Kalex Car Detailing or the registered name in Malaysia SSM as Turtlepro Detailing, a popular information sharing center which tells the truth of detailing industry & the smartest way to perform car-care cosmetic for automotive scenes. 
    He researched and innovated detailing skill into more cost effective & creative way.
    New reinvent of skill: Reinvent Speed Shine Icy Detailing Method
    Speed Shine 快速闪耀工法