Letter to Auto Detailers

Letter to Auto Detailers

Dear Auto detailers,
Time after time we noticed that there are much misunderstanding of Western branding detailing culture towards Asean detailing community.
We understand that Malaysian detailing fields are much influenced by western based detailing information due to the advantages of English language.
Hence we are here to help all auto detailers to be more understand of Asean detailer skill and product instead of covered up by misleading information.
We fully agreed with Japanese detailers detailing skillset as well as Korean and China Chinese detailing knowledge as well.

We would like to start up our topics here with our formed-up detailing concept that different with internet based detailing info you can obtained.

Our Detailing Concept | Turtlepro Detailing
We utilize the concept of 不管黑貓白貓,捉到老鼠就是好貓It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

What we can do:
We are able to detail cars with the most cost effective OEM 3M China simulated claybar which banned by detailers.
We are able to detail cars with Malaysian local budget PG claybar which look down by Premium detailing brand detailers.
We even can perform detailing job well enough without using high cost buffing pad which carried by the "M" giant.
Please visit our Sample Detailing Work which carried out with budget category surface preparation work, and we are able to deliver profession output with whichever tool we picked-up here.

Things all of us, you and me need to be mindful:
Are we going to assume that low cost product do not carry profession job?
Numbers of detailing workshop in local industry did utilized budget product such as budget claybar for wax and coating surface preparation, and they did delivered as great as the high cost product range.
Is this going to prove that detailing skillset override product branding?

We would like to correct the wrong concept by auto detailers:
Our answer to wrong concept by detailers which thought Asean product can’t workout: It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

What normally thought by auto detailers and they are 100% absolutely wrong:

1.China auto detailing is lame and lack of skill. (wrong!)
Ans: China auto detailing is professional enough and even some of the detailing shop offers free detailing class!

2.China detailing stuff are all fake and useless.(partly correct and most of it are wrong!)
Ans: China auto detailing stuff not all are fake but they mostly make in OEM and supply whole world. Include those big brand which highly salute by detailers locally.

3.China detailing product delivered no result.(absolutely wrong)
Ans: China detailing product can deliver result if we know how to apply the product.

4.China detailing product made fake name.(partly correct and can be denied)
Ans: China detailing product actually do not need to print with other brand on their product. But probably most of the reason is because China manufacturers have no confident to bring up their own local name.
Most of the China production are the manufacturer and their product in fact can deliver great result without relying on other brand name.

5.China detailing industry is not great as other countries.(200%wrong enough!)
Ans: China auto detailing industry is bigger than what we can imagine. Be mindful. We are surprised when we read China detailing outcome detailed car. All of them can provide wonderful finishing without any rely of western brand detailing stuff.

6.China detailing product is copy-cat and copy cat is low quality.(partly correct and can be denied)
Ans: Low quality cost lower, high quality price higher. There are several categories of consumer in detailing market. Some can afford some might not. We understand not many consumer can afford high cost usd detailing stuff. Furthermore we do not agree chemical reverse engineering is copy cat work. At least we can 100% confirmed that Japan,Korea are the countries innovated auto-coating and improved by German, never is the Mer/3M developed this. 

7. Can't find China detailing product in good quality.(wrong)
Ans: We don't know why this is so difficult by some consumer probably the margin is not high for detailing shop which caused detailing ship do not want to carry any of this product. But we did noticed numbers of China detailing products bring great result better than other giant name product.

Let say one day there is car body shop detailer bring over the big brand car chemical for reverse engineering and they found out the myth of big brand theory is actually most similar to the one been scrutinized in the market. Do you surprise with this? That's the truth in this auto detailing industry.

Let's refer to the solid facts and logics here:

1.            If you are skillfull detailer, budget product is enough for you to perform your detailing work.
2.            If you are lack of skill and have no concept in detailing, getting an overpriced detailing product is definately a waste.
3.            If you can deliver great outcome with good quality detailing product but can't with consumer range product, is the work did great by the good quality product not your skill.
4.            But if you can deliver great outcome with normal consumer range of product then you will have no problem with good quality detailing stuff and probably you got a good skillset enough.
5.            In detailing work, you skill dominant? or product dominant?
6.            Most of the detailing product market price are floated followed with the conversion of currency.

Frankly speaking :
We understand our local detailers community was dominant by English readers and information which heavily impacted by western detailing forum/website info. We are here to assist our local detailers with more great detailing skill, detailing product and info available in Asean countries.

The most impressive we did noticed in China is, China detailers applied the most cost effective detailing product in the world than all other counties. And surprisingly the China detailer delivered the profession result nothing lack over than the other countries detailers did.

The last word for our detailers, need NO look down to your fellow friends from the Asean detailers. They are much more skillfull in detailing. Look down to China/Japanese/Korean detailers will not improve any of detailing skill/knowledge but stay narrow concept. Why not learn from others? Nothing is greatest in detailing brand but user preference.


Kalex Car Detailing | Turtlepro Detailing

Alex Kwok

    Auto Detailer Supply & Service
    Alex is a detailer based in Malaysia. He is written for his website, Kalex Car Detailing or the registered name in Malaysia SSM as Turtlepro Detailing, a popular information sharing center which tells the truth of detailing industry & the smartest way to perform car-care cosmetic for automotive scenes. 
    He researched and innovated detailing skill into more cost effective & creative way.
    New reinvent of skill: Reinvent Speed Shine Icy Detailing Method
    Speed Shine 快速闪耀工法