How to wash tyre

Here I'm going to show you simple steps with pictures for how to wash tyre.
Enjoy the photo ya!

 2 tyres here I'm going to show you. 1st candidate.
 and the 2nd candidate.
 a very cheap car wash, forget about the quality, just for sample ..
 The real stuff here, F21 Turtle Wheel Cleaner.
follow up with the Turtle Ice Shine!

 The Ice Shine do comes along with a brush, Very useful!
 Ok....Don't forget about the other brush which use for tyre brushing. and i picked a empty spray bottle as well.
 Fill in waters

nearer view. the water is use for cleaning usage...after filled in....oh...its dirty...

So make sure to fill in water into clean pail.

 Ah...fill in some car washing shampoo..the cheap stuff into my spray bottle.
 prepare a hose for rinsing purpose... that's easier.
 the water just to wash the brush...haha.

rinse some water and then spray the cheap shampoo...then you can started to brush!

 2 different brushes for different usage!
 ok...spray some more and you will find wash is not strong enough to remove dirt in wheel.

pour water to clean away the dirt and shampoo..

 ok.... forget about the cheap wash shampoo..
now seriously we can use this F21 Turtle Wheel cleaner.
just spray and let it penetrate of the detergent into the tyre. It will removes the dirt easier!

Pour water to clean away..

 repeat the steps
 look at the water carefully, you will find more dirt been washed away after the detergent with F21.


 Now you can see the last army here! Ice Shine!
Before apply this product, make sure your Tyre is dry after washed.  

 Apply the brush along or remove it? Up to you la.
 I prefer take it out.


or spray on brush...then apply it... either way.

Now! here you go!

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