Formula 1 Carnauba wax_a cheap stuff for us as normal consumer

There are people always curious about using a cheap stuff things will make car shine?
Paying more bucks for the sake to be more shine then the next car parked aside with you?
Comon my fren, why so serious~~? Oppa say nevermind le~

Today…we going to look at:

Formula 1 carnauba wax.
The after wax pictures as below…so sorry for skip out the step by step process picture…I assume you know how to wash, clay, dry, wax, buff. Polish if you would like too…
See the outcome….for carnauba:

Don’t forget the back bumper:

Let’s see some days after…with some raining days even…see:

Okie…we understand it do not drop as nice as nano technology based wax. But who care? As long as it was natural based carnauba wax…hey carnauba is the traditional legend idea in waxing world le.