Dewalt polisher DWP849X review

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7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start

 Is a dewalt polisher which I do promote and sell here.
The price that i'm able to offer than market is because I sell this direct to you without through any retail cost.
When a product was stock under the shop will definitely cost a penny of electrical bill, water bill and etc.
here is the post about the DEWALT Price and spec.
By the way, this article here is to tell you more about dealt polisher. A rotary polisher that definitely deliver quality and comfort work.

let's go on~~

Sometimes we wonder what is a polisher tool can use for? for car only? or maybe there are something else than that.
Oh ya. boat, motorcycle, helmet even a musical instrument probably. As long as there is a surface to polisher and make it smooth for you.
Here you can select the speed of mode you want to.
the safe way is to start with lower speed before you move to the higher speed.
 the handle is a good grip here. one hand with holding the handler while another is a toggle grip on top of the polisher. This method offering a more stable way to do the work.

 Let's have a close look at the tool with woolpad here.
 when the work is delivering...
 This is a very good review which can be found in youtube. Which explain a how to do via spec explanation.
 Here is the work shop:
 While the review jump back to the explanation of the tool with a side handler as well as the backing pad.
and here you go. move the tool on.

 A bottom up of view that can see how it's work.
 Not just a car surface or boat....but a helmet. Guess if a person own a cool harley davidson bike. would you polish the helmet to make it looks great? I think someone can start a business just to polish helmet.
 Here is the outcome after the polish work!
 Try to catch this review if you can. But here, I had take down the screenshot with almost the fact they told.
So see the full star for this tool. I personally handled this tool before. Definitely a tool with great comfort handling experience. That is the name quality of dewalt can tell!

Here are more to go!! catch this!

 A outdoor review with polishing a car surface.
 Again, here is the speed mode to select.
 As per told by the review here, a control of finishing system which comes with soft start. Which mean start with lower mode and the lower mode was feeling of soft while delivering a great performance.
I think only when a person who hold this on hand can feel it.
 spreading the content of polishing liquid...
 Ah Ha!!!foam pad is falling apart. Please take note for all polisher user!! always change pad you are using! sometimes foam pad do wear out faster than other pad. Here are other polishing pad pad which deliver stronger performance. Click here.
 He do not want to waste a new pad for Eric's truck!! HAHA. LOL!

But when time to change...change le..

 A good to tell! NEVER use a damage pad.

 polishing a side door.
  polishing a side door.
 Here let's say your pad is damaged or while you are polisher a corner which is not a balance surface, you can fell the tool is remain stable. That's is the different of quality which do not found in other tool.

Here you go with variable speed trigger that help you in better handling experience. Remember handling experience is always one of the good and best point for a user to polish a surface. When polish work makes us feel tired then we will need a tool that can always help us in less tired work it can serve. What I mean here, Get a tool which can make you feel the most comfort so you can move on with your work. Make life easier!

Let's read more for this professional tool:
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 From Darren, thanks to Darren for real truth sharing than others people did in misleading forum:

 And they are: Dewalt DWP849X, Makita 9227C & Flex PE14-2-150

If you see the yellow tool in picture you got no wrong, that is the top tool in market Dewalt DWP849X.
Something our online detailer never tell the truth about is:
Makita is expensive tool, it is due to its Japanese brand costing and power of Yen. Find one day when Yen currency drop the most then you will find it cheaper.

Flex is no matter what the most expensive in market.
Flex and Big foot Rupes cost for RM1k~RM2k in Malaysia!
Our currency can't get a good deal in this!

Who more showing in using Dewalt?
Chemical Guy below!

A Tool In Action review! Check the Dewalt polisher

DWP849Xprice here! for Malaysia delivery only.


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