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Turtle China Oil remover

This is a China factory manufactured product for the brand of Turtle Wax. No mistake that Turtle Wax is very big in China. The market are far more wider than Merguairs and Menzerna, even Soft99.
There are reasons why Turtle wax is big in China.

Always remember: "Turtle wax is for everyone!"

This product named: Platinum Shield Panel Prep Solution which use to offer a better surface preparation for pre-wax and pre-coating environment.
This product had been long enough in China history which it's functionality solve the oil base problem of Merguairs/Menzerna/Soft99/G4 UK and many more. Name as many big name as we can.
The ultimate undeny fact is: Oily surface will constraint the durability of surface protection(wax/coating/sealant)

The second solution this product offer is this oil remover solve the oily compound which hide the hairline swirl. This solve the problem of oily compounding problem met by detailer of Merguairs/Menzerna/Soft99/G4 UK and many etc..

Some might by a big name brand detailer, but noone can escape the swirl.

Why Turtle China?
**Most cost effective which deliver professional result.
**Biggest bottle for handy usage in detailing task.
**Easy to use as application.

Product Pricing: RM50.00
Shipment: FOC