Turtle Wax Rinse-Free Wash and Wax/Waterless is now here in Malaysia!! Best deal with no water Needed??!!

Turtle Wax Rinse-Free Wash and Wax/Waterless is now here in Malaysia!! Best deal with no water Needed??!!

The time I knew this is coming.....oh crazy....how can waterless in cleaning action...but turtlewax make this happen! Although we knew there are other branding that carry out this. But which price tag can offer such competitive budget as Turtle?

Product Description

  • Wash, wax and shine your car in 1 easy step - no hose needed
  • New innovative polymer technology is safer for a car's finish compared to traditional washes
  • Environmental friendly, helps with water conservation and run-off
  • Perfect for those that want to either save time, apartment dwellers without access to water, or those that live in water restricted areas

  • All exterior dirt is transferred into a bucket where it can be emptied into the appropriate sanitary system
Turtle Wax Rinse-Free Wash and Wax is the next generation of car washing. You no longer have to rinse with a hose; it's fast, easy to use, and effective. New polymer based technology surrounds soils and prevents even the most abrasive dirt from scratching today's sensitive clear coat paint. As soil is removed, a protective film is deposited to restore a brilliant shine and slick feel. This unique formula cleans paint, plastic, rubber, decals, glass, chrome, other metals, as well as any washable exterior vehicle surface without the need to rinse. Unlike conventional washes, Turtle Wax Rinse-Free Wash and Wax provides a protective barrier and will not cause streaking on paint or glass.
Don't forget top top up with a express shine! I like this so much! so EXPRESS and cool~!
And this is available here!!!!

Turtle Wax Rinse-Free Wash and Wax: RM49.9?

NO-->here with RM44! this is crazy! people will hate me ! HAHAHAHA!
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  Read the instruction from turtlewax website here:
I think we will still need a pail of water to catch dirt at the bottom of the bucket.
Watch the youtube HERE:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyf35eGFO1c