Waxing VS Coating_who tell the truth or is it affordable

Waxing VS Coating!
I did received crazy coating lover who purposely message me to say how bad is waxing and how nice is coating should be applied onto car surface.

After time I manage to find out that that fellow is one of the coating service provider. He took up the franchise opportunity and launch in Penang. But he do not know that I did visited his KL HQ to request for detailing opportunity years ago. The HQ boss run a very famous detailing center in KL. Many people rush into his shop to pay him money.

But they do not know why I didn't sell any of his product when I back to Penang and I even do not think of his KL HQ boss did ask me "Why not you take up teh franchise opportunity?"

I believe his boss had already forgotten my face and who fellow I'm but one think for sure, I rather seek for other opportunity than took his product to sell.

Only one reason!

The day I visited KL HQ and waited for hours, I saw a very shitty conversation there. In front of me.
This so call "boss" scolding his staff who is Malay girl and Malay guy who washing the customer car.
He scold very bad and HE laugh at Malay workers religion! A very bad attitude in discriminating workers religion.
My mind was thinking:"How can you expect a normal car wash staff to know that much in detailing work?", "Why you need to laugh at Islamic?","Why you pay no respect your own staff religion?!"

That day after, I don't see I need to say good thing about this fellow boss. Detailing is big industry, everyone can do. And not need to do funky stuff to grab and mislead people.

This KL Boss detailer, is really the lead of scrutinizing detailing industry waxing product, my observation is 101% truth here to tell the rest:

1. Not everyone can afford high cost coating product!
2. Waxing is not that bad, waxing protect and shine your daddy and my mummy cars for age. Yes, for age! >10 years! So what is the bad here then?
3. "No more waxing" slogan is good,Yes. But don't forget detailing and waxing is the most benefit healthy hobby. Don't ever treat waxing as a burden, its a passion and good hobby. And, a very good exercise!
4. The freaky truth here is: Not everyone think their car require coating but just normal waxing. They are still no wrong! dude~