Step 1: Washing and Surface preparation (Exterior & Glass)
Exterior Washer First: [Iron cleaner & washer] Dilution with water to clean car exterior surface as well as Rim and wheel. This cleaner is offer superior result whereby can remove iron dirt at the same time while washing.
Exterior Preparation Second: [Oil remover] This step 2 cleaner will remove any redundant oily stay on surface. Apply this before proceed with Exterior Protection at next step will enhance your exterior protection coat. This is the clue whereby normal waxing /coating lack of durability problem.
Glass Cleaning: [Waterspot zero] Clean car glass very effectively

Step 2: Coat For Glossy and Protection (Exterior)
Exterior Protection Step 2.1: [Power Coat] Base coat Polymer sealant Coating
Exterior Protection Step 2.2: [Premium Glass Coating Spray] The direct Easy spray coating system serves as topper. Unlimited layer of applications.

Step 3: Interior treatment
Interior Dash & leather: [Interior Cleaner] Interior all in one cleaner
Interior Dash & leather protection: [Leather Lotion] The lotion can serve to protect dash & leather

Exterior Washer First: [Iron cleaner & washer, 100ml] – RM25.00
Exterior Preparation Second: [Oil remover, 100ml] – RM25.00
Glass Cleaning: [Waterspot zero, 100ml] – RM25.00

Exterior Protection Step 1: [Power Coat, 100ml] – RM25.00
Exterior Protection Step 2: [Premium Glass Coating, 250ml] bigger bottle packing – RM140.00

Interior Dash & leather: [Interior Cleaner, 100ml]– RM25.00
Interior Dash & leather protection: [Leather Lotion, 100ml] – RM25.00

Total: RM290.00 discounted to RM249.00! BEST OFFER EVER!!
Free POS laju
Free 40x40 high performance Microfiber towel x1
Free borderless high quality Korea imported Microfiber towel x1
Free ultra-soft coating application sponge for Power coat sealant coating x2
Free Extra 1 bottle Premium Auto-wash 50ml simple DIY packing x1
Free proper waxing/coating application technique /step by step manual x1 (Priceless knowledge sharing)
Free proper waxing/coating buffing technique manual x1 (Priceless knowledge sharing)
Free car detailing knowledge information sharing x1 (Priceless knowledge sharing)

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