Nano-tech Bike & Bicycle Coating is now launch for sale in Malaysia!
Now with the Malaysian citizen is getting the benefit in this local country we can get this cool stuff for our beloved Bike & Bicycle!

Who is Extreme Gloss 9H Coating manufacturer?
Leading Protection Coating Manufacturer & Supplier
The origin manufacturer of EG9H(Extreme Gloss) from Japan provides integrated technology solutions worldwide, associating with high quality and innovation products specialized in the field of chemistry, engineering and nanotechnology. Together with leading R&D professionals; we develop, design, enhance and market highly innovative products ranging from electronics, household consumers to industrial users with the aims of provide one stop, end to end services for all individuals, companies and business associates. 

This section is about the new coating for Bike & Bicycle:
Extreme Gloss 9H Auto Glass Coating Product series will protect the clear coat and base color from ultra violet rays and acid rains, preventing them from degradation and color fading. It enabled the painted surface look as glossy as a new bike even 5 years later. Besides that, stains would be hardly get stuck on the surface due to the super hydrophobic of the coated surface, even it is stained, it can be easily removed by plain water flushing and rinsing.


Why Extreme Gloss Japan Auto Coating Protection Coating on your bike & bicycle?

Here is your benefit:
  • *Paint protection from uv & ageing (color degradation & fading)
  • *Rust & oxidization prevention
  • *Eliminate permanent organic stains (bird droppings, tree saps, watermarks, etc)
  • *Easy cleaning properties (plain water rinse & wipe)
  • *Superb durable & lifespan
  • *Superb glossiness (Gloss & color retention up)
  • *Faded color restoration
  • *Chemical resistance
  • *Hardness protect
  • *No more wax or polish needed as long as Tevo is with your Bicycle/Bike!
  • *Strong anti abrasion
For international customer please email to Kalex2trading@gmail.com
We are recruiting retail and distributor, please contact to 0125217703(whatapps/sms/wechat/call)
**Only serious and honesty business person.

This Extreme Gloss Coating premium quality which last more than 12 months with hardness surface added as protection to bicycle and bike with only RM199.00 initial price launch.

Our product are available at Walkin retail as below Bicycle shop, coating service is available offer by our bicycle coating specialist:

Our Authorized retailer and coating specialist :
MiniVelo from BM. Please contact Mr Heng for service or visit MiniVelo to purchase Bicycle coating.

Or you can purchase our product at below:
1. Extreme Gloss Japan Premium Motorcycle Coating DIY Kit
2. Economy pack Bicycle coating