How to use rinseless wash and wax by Turtlewax

Here is a how-to article to show you how to use the rinseless wash and wax developed by turtlewax.
Don’t get me wrong here this is not just rinseless product in the market. There are other No Rinse/ Rinseless product in the market as well such as ONR Optimum, Alien No rinse and etc.

Some words captured in the forum as:

“Yeah I don't expect it to perform anywhere near like a hand or machine applied wax or sealant, but if I could consistently get 1 month protection out of it it would be a viable product for my car wash service I'm rolling out next spring.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the product, if anyone can make a wash with wax product that actually gives some real protection, it will be Optimum.”

So will this serve the same with turtlewax rinseless?
When a product comes along in wash and wax together and some more with the feature of rinseless… I don’t expect that to defeat a regular wax surface. Let’s to start to see how can apply this product.
The bottle looks like these. I’m using some of little testing unit here.

And the pail required, get towel you need one.

 Let’s see some of the pictures here with dusty surface, dirt, water mark and etc. 2 cars here. A read viva with a titanium forte. 

Fill in the water, and here is the turtle rinseless liquid.

 Prepare a microfiber towel. This is reused of microfiber towel. It had been washed after previous used. No choice…just to save cost…not manage to throw it away after each washed.

You can start to do the work, after your microfiber tower mixed with your content of the liquid with water. Wipe gently.

 See the surface, some dirt captured. Put it back to water and rub the towel accordingly. Make sure less dirt or some heavy dirt is removed. You may require changing to another microfiber towel if needed.

Continue to wipe on other area, gently. Some pictures of places that easily get muddy dirt.


 Now move to other surface. I’m saving cost hence using same towel…I suggest you to use another new towel and new pail of water if required.

 After that…here are some after worked pictures.

Here, more dirt captured.

Put it back to the water which mixed and dilute with the liquid.
I even used it on the wiper lastly. More dirt captured pictures.

After I rub it in the water…more dirt released. Here are more pictures after I rub the towel back to the pail of water.
Here they are.

 Let me show you why is this about, why we need to rub the towel back in the water? Let’s take a plastic container, see through one. To do a simple observation. Fill with the dirty water.

With some closer look at it.
Let it there for hours, and we will manage to see it clearly.

After hours. Look closer to the plastic container. A lot of dirt content deep under the water.
Pour away the water and see how is it look like.

 The reason for this is because of the product itself able to capture the dirt and prevent it from floating on the water surface. Hence it will trap the dirt at the bottom of the water. That’s why we can use the towel back to the surface to continue the job.

Here are some informations captured form turtle wax web:
Ditch the hose™ with new Turtle Wax Rinse Free Wash & Wax. Our polymer-based formula lets you skip rinsing and still get a brilliant shine.
  • Remove dirt without scratching & leave a protective shine
  • Save time, hassle & water
  • Use one clean & shine solution for almost all exterior surfaces
  • Get the same high-gloss shine you expect from Turtle Wax



Pour 4 oz.(120mm) of Rinse Free Wash & Wax into a bucket with 2 gallons(2.5L) of water.


Clean your car. Get your microfiber towel wet and wipe your car's exterior one section at a time.


No rinsing required.


Dry and buff to bring out the shine.


With no need to rinse and no hose to deal with, Turtle Wax Rinse Free Wash and Wax is a quicker way to clean your car.


Turtle Wax Rinse Free Wash and Wax uses less water, so it's environmentally friendly and is perfect for use in areas with water restrictions.


Get the same high-gloss shine you'd expect from Turtle Wax in a fraction of the time.


A unique blend of biodegradable polymer cleaners and wax sealants that safely clean and deposit a protective film to keep your car looking brilliant.

After the web information…what I think is:

 This is for normal consumer which has water restriction in car wash. Or a person rush for time. And for those who want fast and immediate result.

 Please do not expect a professional detailer expectation over an all in one product, this product intend to be created to save time and save cost. Overall, this is still a good stuff for me if I’m in a hurry, or a busy weekend.

Um….alright…Let’s see what to say in the forum shared by other consumer.:

Um…in order to convince myself for the real result as per advertised.. can it protect my car with a simple wax surface? Or maybe a little bit of wax after a simple wiped over with the content?
Let’s rinse some clean water and see how the water bead up then is.

Wow…great….I don’t expect it to bead like a surface after carnauba wax-ed surface, but look like it did worked as per advertised!

NICE water Bead on the surface!!

 I hope you enjoy the pictures!