Review of Nano tech wax product.

I’m going to start a review and simple wax to you. A wax that I bought from Korea during my visit to Kia. This is a great product. It was a nano wax which leave me a great satisfaction.
Let see how it goes.  Below is the picture shot from the back of my car. My car rear screen. . But not look at my car screen , observe the top panel. See the wax put on top of it? I assume you know how to apply wax here. Left side is the panel which already buff-ed but not the right side. The wax is still sitting on it for my photo capture here. Hehe.

A more nearer view:

 Nearer: pick up the microfiber towel and buff it. Tah..dang… see:
Okie…let say if you found my car was initially nice of the reflection is not because I did any polish at all. My car does have scratch and swirl which I do not plan to remove it. Just I prefer to wax it more regularly. Hence this will protect my car body.
Let see the hero here:
Let’s go to the front panel:
Watch carefully, the wax was on it. Awaiting for buffing. Now you see…. Now you don’t:

A simple microfiber will do. We don’t really need any machine at all. A good exercise indeed.
Let’s move to the side… actually it was wax on it, but I think we can’t really see in:

But here is clearer after I buff-ed it:
 Clearer after buff-ed:
How about other place ? here you go:

After buff-ed:

There are people like to put water after wax-ed. For the sake to show the review they had done. I would say, let me drive for a few days and see how the effect is. That will tell us more.
After a few days. Not more than a week le.
with some rain drops.
Let’s put a better view:

Let’s look at it nearer:

Early morning..nice?
I took the opportunity to take other car picture and show you how it means the car need wax, or the wax already went off. See below:
When water sheet like not a wax sheet, totally no beading at all. It’s better lay a coat of wax on top of it.
Okie, now after a few days, during a noon time:
Alright, there is light scratches and swirl after sun light reflected on it. And it shown clearer in dark color car, white and light color car have less chances to notice it. Anyway, I wanna save my clear coat remaining thick hence I don’t really bother the polish unless it went serious la.
Show you more views:
Another day,

Okie, during the evening time.. when dark..

Okie…another day, very early at the morning. Very early. When bird sings~~

Hey…they are all rain drops , not man rinse of water.

Alright…we all know man like to pour water and show how the water bead… here we go:

This is the front bumper..can’t imagine? Hehe.
Last but not least here is the night time handphone camera captured, sorry for the blur: