Turtle wax color cure offer!!

Turtle wax color cure offer!!

I tried 1 of it with black color in my car, but unfortunately i'm titanium color. Although i use different color on my car body but the awesome part is the chipstick i used. It help me to fill up my car scratches. and dell scratches.

If you would want to have this a try, make sure you got the nearest color and top up with a touch up pair after fill in the chipstick.

So fixing scratches do not need much expenses. Do It Yourself dude!

Market price(RM)
Offered Price Here only(RM)
Color Back Metallic

1-Step Color Back

Color Cure Plus (White)

Color Cure Plus (Black)

Color Cure Plus (Light Red)

Color Magic Plus Dark Red

Color Cure Plus - (Dark Blue)

Color Cure Kit (Green )

Color Cure Plus - (Silver)

single item purchase as below:
Features Nano Technology for Longer Lasting Shine! It's a car enrichment and car polish.
With chipstick to fill in deep scratches/stone chip!